RZJD-G350J-Flat bottom paper bag machine

RZJD-G350J is a product of Wenzhou Reizhi Machinery automatic high-speed sharp-bottomed paper bag machine series, mainly made of roll paper or printed web (kraft paper, glossy paper, food coated paper, medical paper) and other paper roll materials. Puncture, upper edge glue, edge punching, forming, breaking, bottoming, paste bottom, finished bag output is completed in one time.

The machine is easy to operate, efficient and stable. It is an ideal equipment for producing various paper bags, snack food bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags and other environmentally friendly paper bags.


Model RZJD-G350J
Machine speed 50-650pcs/min
Cutting length 165-715mm
Bag length 160-715mm
Bag width 70-350mm
Gusset width 20-120mm
Bag mouth height 15/20mm
Material thickness 35-80g/m²
Scroll diameter 200-1000mm
Scroll width 100-980mm
Scroll core diameter 76mm
Rolling film width 50-240mm
Film thickness 0.012-0.037mm(OPP、PET)
Film diameter 500mm
Film inner diameter 76mm
Total powe 3 phase 380V 26kw
Working gas source ≥0.12m³/min,0.6-1.2MP
Machine weight 6500kg
Machine size 7300x3000x2200mm

main feature

1. Adopting German LENZE touch screen man-machine interface, the operation function is clear at a glance, easy to control;

2. using the German original LENZE motion controller (PC), through the integration with the fiber, to ensure high-speed and stable operation;

3. using the German original LENZE servo motor with Germany, she is not in the high-voltage part SICK photoelectric eye correction, accurately tracking the size of the printing bag;

4. The raw materials adopt hydraulic lifting structure, and the unwinding adopts automatic constant tension control;

5. raw material correction using Italy SELECTRA, reduce the adjustment time of the roll paper alignment.

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